Jamil Dhanani

Email: jremove-thisdhanani@stanford.eduremove-this, jremove-thisamil.dhanani@gmail.comremove-this
GitHub: github.com/jamil
Random machine learning thoughts and paper summaries: ml.jamild.com


Stanford University – MS, Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence)
multi-hop reasoning in question-answering, computer vision for brain tumor segmentation and identification, using language models to control user interfaces, analyzing personal genome data with language models
University of Toronto – BASc, Computer Engineering
assorted studies, research, and work from physics to brain-computer interfaces and machine learning


Senior Machine Learning Engineer, Advanced Development Group – Apple, Inc.
led modeling teams for ML-based gesture recognition, + some natural language research, robotics/sensing, experience and design prototyping.
Founder and CEO – Gamma.io
started a marketplace for digital assets; achieved significant growth - $100k+ MRR, 14 employees, 30k+ MAUs - within less than two years.
Machine Learning Research, Multimedia Lab – University of Toronto
predictive algorithms for driver behavior analysis, using brain-computer interfaces.
Software Engineering Intern, Applications Group – Apple, Inc.
design, prototyping, and development of a conversational interface for enhanced user interaction in productivity applications.
Software Engineer – Intel (then Altera)
worked on an experimental platform for remote compilations of hardware applications on FPGAs.